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In today’s fast pace market, everyone wants to deliver cost-effective and reliable product .Mass International, with the help of his above extensive knowledge, will provide top-quality technical, managerial and marketing consulting supported with Quality Management services (QMS). This will enable the customers and suppliers in the metal industries to deliver better products to their customers.

Why choose us

Client Care
Our business has grown word of mouth and we intend to grow this way.We love nothing more than working on a great project with our clients. What your machines would deliver in perfection, we supplement with emotions.
We Listen & Understand
Clients appreciate when their heard and their challenges are given in-depth and out-of-the-box thinking.We offer you personal service with the making every accomplishment unforgettable.
Proven expertise
Our founder, Jayant Jamuar, the consulting specialist has decades of experience by serving in a wide range of positions. He focuses his strengths to get highly effective output.
Tailored advice & support
Our approach is structured, efficient, unbiased & independent which will bring the most desired and the best results.

Skills & Abilities

Process Design and Control
Material Composition Advisory
Manufacturing Plant Consulting
Management control

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Our partners

RSB Global
I recommend this company. They have given me solution which helped me reduce the cost of my product without compromising the quality.
Flowchem Industries
We consider the company "Mass International" as a long-term and reliable partner. Services the company of high quality. Thank you.

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Mass International is a global diversified company with a network of production units. Our company is focused in the production consultancy and materials. We help clients weather the venture has just started or it is years old. With our solutions clients have always achieved best of the results.