About Mass International

Our company

Mass International emerged out of the immeasurable industry expertise of Mr.Jayant Jamuar.

Throwing a little more light on his learning and expertise, below is the list of consulting areas that we focus on which will help the clients achieve the desired solution.

  • How to do better communication ( internal and external).
  • How to make better relation with human resources,
  • Understanding the psychology of people in the organization.
  • Understanding customer’s perception and requirement.
  • Designing new parts for customers and helping customers designing new parts for their products.
  • Negotiating with customer and suppliers.
  • Purchasing quality steel billets and bars for forging process.

Our Motto

Get the right man on the job.

Message from Founder

“Our company’s success is the result of joint work with our clients. The success of our customers – our success!”


  • Tool Life improvement.
  • Selection of tool material for particular process and it’s treatment for better life.
  • Lubrication to suit process requirement.
  • Temperature selection and control.
  • Process qualification to optimize the process.

Having a huge network in the metallurgical industry, we have helped many clients across India to streamline their products right from the inception to the finished product.

An Innovative methodology and out-of-the box solution for a tough technical challenge is what mass International is good at. We tailor services right according to the market demand.

Mass International is a global diversified company with a network of production units. Our company is focused in the production consultancy and materials. We help clients weather the venture has just started or it is years old. With our solutions clients have always achieved best of the results.