Our Services

Customer Strategy & Marketing

Customer insights along with economic & operational fundamentals.

Performance improvement

Helping companies to grow revenue and improve cost structure to gain competitive advantage.

Sustainable Strategy & Operations

We take the social, environmental & economic issues into consideration & also focus on optimum use of resources with an emphasis on supply chain efficiency.

Results delivery

We focus to work on the product  quality improvement and the improvising of the cost structure.

Industrial knowledge

Having 38 years of experience in forging technology, the best knowledge about the industry will be delivered and implemented.


We strive to focus on what kind of innovation can be brought into the existing metal industries based on the fundamentals and theoretical knowledge that we bear.

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  • Material Science
  • Organizational Training
  • Process design
  • Heat treatment
  • Automation & Semi- automation
  • Fundamentals & process design for raw materials and finished products
  • Leadership
  • Six Sigma awareness & implementation

Forging Technology

The growing significance of forging in a number of future industries is owed to technical innovations emerged in the last few hours.

  • Turnkey basis
  • Machinery selection guidance & information
  • Die & process design
  • Heat treatment
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Die life improvement

Strategic Solution Selling

It all begins with understanding your company’s strategy,vision and distinctiveness. We kingpin on :

  • enhancing the sales volume
  • Attracting customers & prioritizing the concerns of the buyer
  • Reducing Wastage
  • Optimum utilization of resources, thus reducing cost of production
  • Low pricing strategies
  • Managing competition, decisions,opportunities etc
  • Making high quality products

Talent & Skill Integration

Innovation is great for business but it’s the best when the company focuses on the fundamentals of their daily work.

  • Most important: Focusing & learning fundamentals of the metallic industry
  • Technical background
  • Knowledge
  • Right kind of infrastructure & support


Companies today focus on reducing the manpower by introducing automation in their production system. We provide services on automation and semi-automation.Automation can be done within any industry from installation, integration,maintenance, design,procurement, management etc.

Mass International is a global diversified company with a network of production units. Our company is focused in the production consultancy and materials. We help clients weather the venture has just started or it is years old. With our solutions clients have always achieved best of the results.